It was only in the 19th century that botanical gardens became pleasure gardens, known as “Jardins des plantes”. My taste for nature and its aromatic and medicinal virtues has guided my creations towards botanic cocktails, obtained by macerating natural products.

As you look over my key aromatic assets, you will discover the secrets of their flavors.

My lime

Popular in Asia and Latin America, lime is the healthy zest with a thousand virtues. A concentrate of antioxidants and rich in vitamins. Its tartness is the perfect partner for my Margarita.

My agave

A succulent plant from Mexico or a Greek Nereid whose name means “illustrious”, it has earned a reputation in alternative medicine and shines in my Margarita.

My grapefruit

Known as the pomelo in botany, this citrus fruit with its pink pulp rich in water is hydrating and refreshing. Its bitter-sweet juice is a concentrate of health benefits and adds a fragrant fruitiness to my Margarita.


Its legendary tonacity made it during the renaissance an ingredient for longevity elixirs. As essential botanical, we find its flavors in pastry, its essential oil in perfumery, and its aromas in my Negroni.


A warm seed used by past herbalists, this wild spice gives the Negroni a hint of aniseed and a stimulating effect.


Also called Quinquina, its invigorating and digestive properties have been known since the dawn of time. It adds a bitter note to my Negroni.

My Vanilla

A hermaphroditic flower that is pollinated by bees. Its pod releases aromas that delight the nose and the taste buds, combined with the honey notes of my Manhattan.


One of the oldest spices in use, its bark is rich in aromatic essential oil. It is combined with cloves to warm up my Manhattan.


A tart and wild fruit full of antioxidants. Preserved in liqueur, it gives its ruby-colored juice and unique flavor to create the signature of my Manhattan.


A fruit of the Mediterranean region, bitter orange flavours liqueurs and culinary preparations. Its delicate zest gives my Hanky Panky its kick.


A genuine fountain of youth, this age-old herbal medicine potion is made by macerating around fifty bitter roots and herbs which boost my Hanky Panky.


Its reputation to stimulate pleasure is universal. Its root warms the body. Through maceration, I extract its peppery notes in my Hanky Panky.


Born in China, son of the mandarine and the Ichang lemon, this citrus with a unique acidity offers its fresh sourness and vitamins to my Mai Tai.


Oval fruit originally from the far east, this citrus with a unique acidity and perfumed skin brings it's acidic, sweet and tart bouquet into the twist of my Mai Tai.


Used in France before the lemon reached its fame, this vert-juice would subsitute the citrus and vinegar in many preparations. This acidic liquid made of prematurely picked grapes, signes my Mai Tai.

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